A Photo Editor

Whenever we need a check-in on the state of photography we put in some time at A Photo Editor, run by Rob Haggart, a former Photography Director in the magazine world who seems to be doing a great job of doing it on the internet, too.

He often posts spreads from photo books he receives. Like these:

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures x 72 Hours

Not a bad screening to have on the resume. And here’s a pic of Raafi Rivero on a panel at the Academy Museum for another part of the same series.

Honoree Haile Gerima invited Raafi, former colleague Daniel E. Williams, and Oscar Nominees Ava DuVernay and Bradford Young (a multi-time collaborator here at The Color Machine) for a discussion on the necessity of pursuing liberation through image-making.

Power Up: The Work of Sister Corita with Barbara Glauber

One of the great things about the internet is being able to see lectures given at top institutions. In this case Barbara Glauber gives her lecture Power Up: The Work of Sister Corita at The Cooper Union. The talk surveys the work of the Corita Kent, the nun famous for her pop art, and gives depth to the name one often hears spoken across the creative landscape:

Unarmed in the New York Times

Read the full article here.

Cycling Through Water in Bokrijk

In Belgium’s lake district, De Wijers, a cycling path has been cut through a lake, providing surreal views.