Hearing Colors

In this short documentary, a colorblind man with a color “microphone” roams the city. Sci-fi meets magic.



Last week, while The Color Machine welcomed folks for the Delve: Architecture + Art event, we were also seeing off one of our own, Myles Guiler.

His work finally wrapped up, we can look back and say that Myles did an amazing job as our Research & Sales Coordinator (we actually knew that BEFORE he wrapped up).

He’s an interesting guy, and a hard working and generous one to boot. Find him here and here.

We’re excited to seeing what Myles cooks up next.

DELVE: Architecture + Art


Please join us on Tuesday, December 9th at 7pm here at The Color Machine offices, where we’re excited to co-host Delve: Architecture + Art.

If you don’t know DELVE, it’s the brainchild of Andrea Wenglowskyj and Sara Jones, a creative duo also known as Kind Aesthetic. They’re of that rare breed of artists who, in addition to making their own great work, are committed to supporting their creative community in very tangible ways. They’ve certainly inspired us.

We’ll have a coupleĀ of speakers including our colleague and good friend Bill Washabaugh from Hypersonic and artist/urbanist Vasia Markides.

Plus, we’ll have beer from Brooklyn Brewery, snacks and plenty of good company.

Tickets are here, good vibes are here.

TCM at Sasquatch

The Color Machine covered this year’s Sasquatch Festival like an alpaca blanket. We’re in the midst of creating a series of videos that capture the sheer scope of the festival and the many forms of connectivity present with our partner Skype. These stills bubbled up to the camera while that was happening.













photos by Raafi Rivero



We recently completed short documentary about Rebuild By Design, an architecture competition created in response to Hurricane Sandy. Ten architectural teams were chosen to create proposals to respond to rising sea levels in vulnerable areas in the Sandy region. RBD was spurred by the President’s Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force, and developed in concert with private philanthropic organizations such as The Rockefeller Foundation. This short piece tells the story of why this work is necessary and a bit about the people who do it.

Visually, we were tasked with making a film about hurricane season during the winter months. Though some warm weather shots did make it into the cut, it was just as fun to see such a strong amount of activity on the ocean and rivers during cold weather.

View the film here.