Moonbeams and Unicorns. And Color!

Before there was email or a suggestion of the big disconnect, there was American artist, Lisa Frank.

With her kaleidoscopic line of stationary and a multitude of school supplies, Lisa dazzled the imaginations of little girls (boys too, I’m sure) throughout the 1980s and pioneered a specific, fanciful trend, still worthy of applause.

At the tender ages of ten and seven, my sister and I took enormous pride in our ever-expanding sticker binder; stickers un-stuck, carefully torn at their edges and pristine, organized by motif: over-sized, airbrushed, sparkly, fuzzy… We managed to fill an entire Reebok Freestyle shoebox with erasers so zestfully fragrant, I had to be reminded that they weren’t candy.

Despite her success, Lisa cautiously rode under the radar of fame. Once presumed to be a pseudonym, Lisa Frank is not only alive and kicking, she is still creating and dreaming. We are finally, properly introduced to her world, thanks to this short film below.

It is totally awesome!