The Municipal Art Society of New York (MAS) is a tireless advocate for intelligent urban planning, design and preservation throughout New York City known for preventing the destruction of Grand Central Terminal (past) and spearheading the movement among architects and planners to redesign Penn Station (present and future).

MAS director of marketing and communications, Jessica Halem, expressed the goal of the piece, “We wanted a love letter to NYC without seeming like a tourist commercial; to show an insider urbanist’s perspective that took us to places most don’t get to see.”

We gulped at the challenge. As much as we love living and filming in this city, there is simply too much of it. Exploring and capturing the beauty of everyday living throughout the five boroughs over a course of weeks required our best effort. Distilling these many landscapes into a three minute film was just as difficult. In the end, we were thrilled by the process. And exhausted.



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