Skype Moment Makers – Polly

Skype approached us with a game of sorts for their Moment Makers campaign: Three writers of Skype’s choosing, working in three different cities, would create a short script together, using only Skype to communicate. Our job was to make their writing sessions into a video and then bring their script to life.

There were some rules for the director Jordan Alport too: he could make suggestions to the writers, but couldn’t veto their decisions. He could make small revisions to the script when it was finished, but no major story or character changes. Ultimately, it was theirs, and theirs alone.

What you see above is the short film that came of this little game.

Ollie Cullen, Mollye Asher and Louise Culshaw did a great job writing it and you can see them in action in the making-of video below. The rest of the credits deserve a closer look too, as we had some great talent on this, from cast down to finishing.

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